Why I hate winter

Picture if you will a 10-year-old girl with a riding lesson at the stables about 2 miles from the city limit.

Now picture and ice storm blowing in during said lesson.

Now imagine a stressed on mom in the stable parking lot preparing to do her best Subaru on Ice routine get home.  The heat is on full blast and it is about 1,000 degrees in the car because if she turns down the heat the ice starts freezing on the windshield.

Visualize her surprise when she realizes the county roads have actually been salted and the driving isn’t too bad, aside from the whole ice-on-the-windshield thing.

Of course once she hits the city limits you can almost see the line on the road where the county trucks stopped salting, and the city trucks took over doing, well nothing.

Enter the Subaru on Ice routine.  I really should get that car some sort of spangly leotard or whatever they call those skating costumes. 

Cheer loudly for the anti-lock brakes.

And now the happy ending, the stressed out mom and her two lovely children arrive home unscathed, and don’t even slide into the garage wall while parking the car.

Spring can come any time now.


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