Saving the economy, one bag at a time

I was reading the Mason Dixon Knitting blog today, and learned about a new knitting magazine that Mason Dixon said was making it’s debut today at Borders and Barnes and Noble. 

So, since I love a good knitting magazine, and since Borders is in deep doo-doo financially (and yes that is the technical term) I thought I would drive over to Borders and do my part to stimulate the economy.  I need to keep this Borders afloat, because otherwise where will I go to purchase knitting magazines and F1 Racing Magazine in the same place?

But when I got there, no new knitting magazine.  Tragic.  Especially since now I was in the Shopping Mood.  This is a dangerous situation.  And then, I found the most perfect, most me thing in the store:  A messenger bag.  A messenger bag with skulls on it.  Skulls in pastel colors like purple and pink and a couple shades of green.

It had everything.  First it was a bag.  I love bags.  I am something of an Imelda Marcos of bags.  I won’t tell you how many I have, that would be embarrassing, but I have a lot.  More than a lot of people, but I am sure not as many as some others.

Second it had skulls on it.  I am a big fan of pirates and the Jolly Roger (all thanks to Orlando Bloom and the Pirates of the Caribbean).  They make me look really badass. I realize you can’t hear the sarcastic tone in my voice there so you will have to imagine it, but they do.  They make me look really badass.  Somewhere I have a pattern for knitting a skull into a sweater.  Just you wait until I get around to that mister.

So, long story short, I bought the bag.  It is of course too small to carry around my laptop, but it looks really cool.  And frankly, sometimes that’s enough. 

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