Odds and Ends

Today was the first day back to school.  Huzzah!  I am a big fan of educating our youth.  Especially when break is winding to a close.  They are home now after a short first day, (they had a late start thanks to ice on the roads) and oh my are they crabby.  I already can’t wait until bedtime.


Texas plays the Buckeyes tonight in the Fiesta Bowl.  Hook ‘em Horns.  I don’t really care, but as an Illinois alumnus I absolutely cannot root for the Buckeyes.


I finally got some of my photos from Rome printed.  Tom gave me a gift certificate to Snapfish for Christmas.  I printed 543.  I thought I did a good job of narrowing it down from the 2,000 photos I took.


Does anybody out there have a good recipe for Chicago style Italian beef?  I need one.  I have a recipe but it isn’t really right, and I need a good Italian beef sandwich.  I could order some from Portillos and have it shipped here, but that seems like a lot of expense and trouble. 


I see it has stopped snowing here on my blog.


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. You can get an Italian Beef at the Vegas Airport, only it’s called a “Chicago Beef”. It’s the only place outside of the Chicagoland area I’ve ever seen them.

  2. They have them on the menu at one of the pizza places here, but I have never ordered it. I am pretty sure I will just be disappointed.

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