Competitive candy eating (or not)

The children are playing chicken with their Christmas candy.  I suspect they have always done this and I just never noticed before.

What is playing chicken exactly, when referring to Christmas candy?  They are both trying not to be the first one to eat it all.   The main focus of this competition (if you want to call it that) seems to be the chocolate Santas. 

The Fat Man left each of them a package of six Hershey’s Chocolate Santa.  They look pretty good. Santa might have to leave some for me next year.  Anyway, The C-man has one left, the Princess has two left, and now they are both refusing to eat them.  I’m not sure what the point of this is, but I also probably don’t want to know.

I have also noticed that they are not dipping into the stockings quite so much anymore.  After lunch today they each just had one Hershey’s Kiss and one chocolate coin.  I can tell they are trying to make it last. I don’t know why.  They both still have Halloween candy in the kitchen.

I can’t wait to see how this little game turns out, and how long before somebody blinks and eats Santa.  If they wait too long it could be Tom.


One thought on “Competitive candy eating (or not)

  1. Saving candy is easily explainable: The kids have the frugal gene from their Yankee ancestors! Their Uncle C did exactly the same thing. He made his Christmas candy last (more or less) ’til Valentine’s Day, his Easter candy last ’til …. well, you see!

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