This is a bad idea

Did you know they are playing a hockey game in Wrigley Field on New Years Day?  I am sitting here watching the Chargers/Broncos game and I just saw the commercial.  It is the NHL Winter Classic and the Chicago Blackhawks will be playing the Detroit Redwings.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Um, no.

First of all, I can’t help thinking hockey players cannot possibly be good for the infield.  I mean really, look at this:

 hockey-rink-in-wrigley-field(I found this photo on this site)

 My main concern, however, is the weather.  I have to wonder if whoever came up with this genius idea has ever been to Chicago in the wintertime.  And specifically, have they ever been to Wrigley Field? 

I ask this because it gets cold in Chicago, really really cold.  And in the winter when the wind is blowing in, I imagine Wrigley Field is especially nasty.  I have almost frozen to death in the Friendly Confines in April.  And this is January. 

Somebody is going to freeze.  And it will be their own damn fault.  Fools.


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