Happy Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day.  I am not sure why they call it Boxing day, but we have plenty of boxes in our house.  Meanwhile, it’s apparently Valentine’s Day at Target.  Yes, I went to Target this afternoon.  I’m not sure what exactly possessed me to do that.  We needed AA batteries, but I could have acquired those just about anywhere, no need to go to Target where I would be tempted by gift-wrap at 50% off.

But I did go, and I did buy a roll of wrapping paper.  I swear I have some kind of disease.  I wonder if there is a program for compulsive gift-wrap purchasing.  It’s a big roll too, so you can be sure that I will be cursing it mightily in 2010. 

I bought myself a few other Christmas things too.  Some silver ball ornaments to go on my wicked new black Christmas tree, (yes I said black,  It is so cool) some half price Christmas candy, a Christmas t-shirt and new earphones for my Ipod.  I deserved all of it.  Tom can consider it restitution for throwing out my Speedway Methodist Church parking pass. 

I was in my car today for the first time since that horrible crime.  It felt so unlucky.  And I discovered he also threw away my Pirates of the Caribbean/Orlando Bloom keychain.  Also lucky.  Clearly I am going to need some time to grieve.

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