Dear Santa – part 2

Well, I can’t possibly top this.  Every year Princess O and the C-man write letters to Santa on Christmas Eve, and every year Santa answers them (it’s really Tom).  So here are the children’s Christmas letters and Santa’s response.  All spelling and grammar errors belong to the original writers.


Dear Santa,

How have you been?  How’s Mrs. Clause?  How’s Kirby?  Is Mrs. Clause making you a pie this year?  I hope the reindeer are ok.  If you got me an Ipod Shuffle did you put it in my stocking?  Do your reindeer have understudies?  Who are Kirby’s parents?  Please don’t hide the pikles too hard this year. 

Your friend

Princess O

PS the vegetables are for the reindeer


Dear Santa

How is Rudolph doing?  I hope you brought me a Ben ten alien creation chamber.  What else did you bring me?  Well it looks like I’ll have to find out.  How many elves to you have?  We left some carrots for your reindeer.


The C-man


And here is what Santa said:


Dear Princess O and the C-man

Thank you for the good snacks.  The reindeer especially liked the carrots, but I really liked the gingerbread.  Your mom is a good cook!

You’ll have to wait and see what I brought you, but I think you’ll like them.  C-man, your list this year was pretty long!  But I think I could tell what you really, really wanted.  To answer your question, this year we have 1,378 elves working at the North Pole plus another 47 in the apprentice program.  There’s a bit of an elf shortage so if you know anyone who is short, likes cold weather and doesn’t mind shoveling reindeer poop, let me know.

Mrs. Claus is fine, thanks for asking!  I can’t believe you remember Kirby!  He’s doing well, but needs another year or two to work on his landings (boy does he ever).  His parents are two ordinary reindeer from Lapland, and his whole herd is very proud of him.  The reindeer do have understudies, there’s a whole team that’s ready to go in case someone is sick.  Three years ago, half of the team had the flu, and we had to use four substitutes – Malcolm, Henrietta, Bob and Juliet!  It was a little weird but they did great.  Mrs. Claus makes me a pie every year, but this year I’m on a diet so it was a lettuce pie.  Can you believe that?  A lettuce pie?!?  I’m hoping for lemon meringue when I get back.

I tried to make the pickles easier to find this year, but you’ll still have to work for them!  You two have been great this year and I’m very proud of all the things you’re doing.  Keep up the good work, study hard in school, and we’ll see you next year!

I love you very much,



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