A rant and some other stuff

First of all, let me say that I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the people who drive the snowplows in this town.  However, the roads here are a mess.  It’s not the snowplow drivers’ fault. The problem lies in the whole snow removal system around here.

They do not start plowing the roads until it stops snowing.  Now on the one hand this makes sense, no sense doing it twice right?  But, on the other hand (and this is a big other hand) people still need to get to work/school/bookclub.  So they drive on the uncleared roads.  This is slow and slippery and dangerous.  It also smooshes all the snow down into a hard pack of slippery snow/ice on the road.  This makes the snow almost impossible to remove. 

Normal towns start plowing as soon as the snow starts accumulating so they can stay ahead of it, and they don’t have this problem.  I was driving around a lot today and to be honest, on many of the roads it was hard to tell the plow had been by at all. 

This is a real pet peeve of mine and I am sure you will hear more about it later.  (Oh, goody, something to look forward to).

We are supposed to get rain/freezing rain/snow/the four horsemen of the apocalypse tomorrow.  So today I had to run around and to everything I couldn’t do yesterday and Monday while I was plague-ridden.

Today I went to two grocery stores, Target, the liquor store and both Wal Marts.  Yes, we have two.  And I hate them both.

But the good news is I have finished 99% of the Christmas grocery shopping.  All I need to get now are things like lettuce for the salads and cold cuts for lunches.  And I can do that on Monday. 

I also got some prosecco, which is an Italian sparkling wine.  It is so delicious.  You should try it.  We drank that stuff all the time in Rome.  We love it.  I hope I can wait until Christmas to pop the top.  It will take a supreme act of willpower.

Tomorrow I will tell you about my last gift-wrapping session. But I just want to thank my friend (and blog reader) A for telling me how to use a metal ruler to cut the wrapping paper and keep the cut line straight.  Now if only I had a metal ruler…


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