Reading challenge

So I was fooling around on the Internet a while ago (something I never do…) and I came across this reading challenge.

I was intrigued.  I spent some time mulling it over, but I have decided not to do it, and I will tell you why.

Reading 100 books or more in a year is a lot of reading.  I think I read a lot, maybe more that the average person, maybe not I don’t really know.  But 100 books in a year seems ambitious.  That’s a little less than 2 books each week.

I hate reading to a deadline.  I don’t even like it when I have a stack of library books sitting there waiting for me to get through them.  And that phrase right there is the key to my decision.  I don’t want to just get through a book.  I want to read it, and enjoy it, and not worry if I am getting behind schedule. 

I can see myself looking around the library, finding a book that looks interesting, and then thinking to myself “oh, I can’t read that one, it will take too long and I will fall behind.”  I don’t want to catch myself making reading decisions based on how long a book happens to be.

So I may keep a list of books read this year just out of sheer stupid curiosity, but it will not be a race. Call me lazy if you want to.

Besides, I have too many other activities that I do in my leisure time, and it is hard to read, knit, write blog posts, watch TV and surf the Internet all at the same time.




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