Wrapping woes

I was wrapping presents last night.  I hate wrapping presents.  I talked about this last year, but it bears repeating.  I hate wrapping presents because I am terrible at it.  Terrible, terrible, terrible.

No, really, I mean it.  I can’t cut straight to save my life even when I buy the paper with the handy guidelines on the back.  My cut lines still wander all over the paper.  And I always manage to get the tape stuck to itself, or stuck on the paper somewhere where I do not want or need tape.  Really, I’m pathetic.  My inner Martha is not pleased.

Of course it probably doesn’t help that I am sick to death of all my wrapping paper.  I swear I have had this paper since the dawn of time.  I must learn not to buy such big rolls.  I am trying very very hard to use it up this year.  I am not carefully sizing the paper to the gift. I am just hacking the paper off the roll and then cutting it down to size instead of carefully measuring how much paper I need first.  But, I am afraid my efforts are fruitless.  I am afraid that the paper regenerates in the night.

I will never  be able to get rid of it.  


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