My bizarro-land children

First of all, let me just say how very proud I am to be from Illinois.  Okay, now I will take that snarky tone out of my voice.

The children have been inventing toys.  They think them up, and then they make advertising posters.  There are posters taped all over the playroom.  They have been doing this for the past three days.

They have even named their toy companies.   Princess O’s is called “Gotta Go Playtime”, and The C-man’s is called “Super Fun and Cool”.

All of the posters say things like “includes everything you see here” and everything seems to cost $9.95.  I suspect they have been watching too much Cartoon Network. 

I tried to take pictures of the posters, but they didn’t turn out.  So I will list a couple of examples:


  • Super Fun and Cool Make Your Own Action Figure
  • Super Fun and Cool Mr. Cutie Bear Battlefleid
  • Super Fun and Cool Mr. Cutie Bear Laser Gun and Grappling Hook
  • Gotta Go Playtime Electrified Schmoo Guy – Lights up
  • Gotta Go Playtime Shovels for Dogs

And my favorite

  • Gotta Go Playtime Thing in a Bag with Stick Person Action Figure

Once again, I am left wondering what it’s like to have normal children. 


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