Odds and Ends

I spent all morning waiting for the cable guy.  When I called they told me he would be here between 8am and 12pm.  So that’s specific. 

I hate waiting around for the cable guy.  You can’t do anything.  You can’t even take a shower because what if shows up then?  That is too horrible to even contemplate.

He finally showed up at about 12:30.  I find that so annoying the way we are supposed to wait around for them all day, but they don’t have to even arrive during their 4 hour window.


Since I spent the day waiting for the cable guy I didn’t get much done.  But I did manage to address all the Christmas cards.  Now I just have to decide if it’s ok to use the return address stamp on the envelopes, or if I should hand write them.  Hand writing them seems friendlier, but will also take much more time. My sister says stamp them, and I am inclined to listen to her advice.  Maybe I can finish that project tomorrow.


We are expecting Bad Weather tonight.  The weathermen are predicting 4 to  8 inches of snow.  I disapprove.  Tom was supposed to fly to North Carolina tomorrow, but he has changed his plans.  That’s good, it means he will be here tomorrow to run the snowblower.  I also suspect the children will be home tomorrow.   But maybe I’ll get lucky.


We are having taco pie for dinner tonight.  Yummy!


One thought on “Odds and Ends

  1. oh my goodness, don’t get me started on the cable guy. I’m like, don’t any of your customers have real jobs? how are they all able to be available anytime between 8-4? then they leave, and its all wrong anyway so you have to do it all over again. oh, and i’m from illinois too…. so much to be proud of! especially our politicians

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