Dear Santa

The C-man has 88 things on his Christmas list.  And counting. Here is a small sample:

  • 1.  Iron Man DVD
  • 6.  Ben Ten Alien Creation Chamber
  • 14.  Wii
  • 19.  Apple Itouch (Tom has one)
  • 25.  Zero Gravity mini car
  • 45.  PSP
  • 53.  Flag football set
  • 59.  Parachute guy
  • 77.  Rock em Sock em Robots
  • 82.  Boxing gloves
  • 88.  Kung Fu Panda Pandamonium double pack

So as you can see he is asking for quite a variety of things.  I think his theory is just ask for everything.  We have suggested to him that he might find it easier to list the things he doesn’t want.

Meanwhile, the Princess also has a list, and it has less then half that many items.  But of course the thing she wants most is:

A horse

Every year she asks for a horse, every year she gets shafted.  You would think she’s have figured this out by now.

I have no idea if they still believe in Santa or not.  It’s not really something you can ask them.


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