Odds and Ends

It’s December first and you know what that means!  It means chocolate for breakfast!  Yeah baby.  We cracked open the Advent Calendars this morning.  My mother in law sends them every year (bless her).  One for each of the children, one for me, and one for Tom our resident Scrooge.  I always let the kids open them at breakfast.  I’m sure their teachers love me.


I have changed my blog background (or theme as they call it here at wordpress) for the holidays.  Tom has warned me that changing it will anger my fans, because people don’t like change.  But I don’t think that will matter much since I don’t think I have any fans.

And if you are unhappy with it, too bad.  I will change it back after New Years.


I bought a timer for my Christmas Pig so I won’t have to go out and plug him in every evening.  But the timer doesn’t fit in the electrical socket.  D’oh.


Mysterious packages keep arriving.  I wonder what could be in them.


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Nice theme! Chocolate for breakfast sounds wonderful. I just happened upon your blog when I was tag surfing…Hi! Hope you enjoy a happy holiday season. Come visit the domestic fringe sometime when you get a minute.

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