Say cheese!

Or perhaps a better word would be pandemonium.

Since all the cousins were together this weekend, my mom decided she would like to get a photo taken of all of them together, at the photo studio in Wal Mart.  I made the appointment a couple weeks ago and then my sister and I spent many hours on the phone conversing about what the children should wear.  Actually my sister and I always spend many hours conversing on the phone.  This just gave us something new to talk about.

Mom had Christmas t-shirts for everybody, but they have short sleeves, so we decided everybody should wear a grey long sleeved shirt under the Christmas shirts.

Then we decided everybody should wear jeans.  Now, the C-man hates jeans, or any pants with a fly.  He will only wear sweatpants or basketball pants.  (I especially like the basketball pants because I can hear him coming – swish, swish, swish).  I warned him ahead of time and promised he only had to wear them for the photo.  The next step was going out and purchasing said pants.  After scouring the town for pants that would fit him I actually found a pair of elastic waist jeans at Wal Mart.  I hate Wal Mart.  Huzzah!  And I found grey long sleeve shirts for both kids too. 

My nephew Little J also hates to wear jeans, or really, pants of any kind.  He usually wears shorts, or now that it is too cold for shorts, long underwear.  My sister has wisely decided that this is not a battle worth fighting and rolls with it most of the time.  However, today it was a battle worth fighting and Little J was not happy.  

Meanwhile when I gave the C-man his Christmas t-shirt he said, “but I thought we were all wearing grey shirts”.  I explained that he was supposed to wear the Christmas shirt over the grey shirt.  He was not pleased because his grey shirt has a very cool picture of a snake on it.

So, the C-man was not happy because he had to wear a Christmas t-shirt over his cool grey t-shirt with a snake on it.  Little J was not happy because he couldn’t wear his long underwear and Princess O was not happy because we made her comb her hair for the second time today.

Then Big J, one of my other nephews ran into the edge of the deck in our backyard and scraped his face this morning right before we left.  It didn’t draw blood, but it did leave a mark.  So now we have one kid scarred, and three pissed off. 

I couldn’t do anything to help my sister, but I did the only thing I could to make my children happy.  I promised them we would go to McDonalds for lunch if they behaved.  It was a shameless act of bribery and I don’t even care.

The photo session went about as well as could be expected.  It is very very hard to get 5 little kids whose ages range from 10 down to 4 to all smile nicely at the same time.  But we managed after about half an hour to get one that wasn’t too ridiculous.  That photographer should get some kind of hazard pay for working with our little circus. 

And do you know what finally got them all to smile at the same time?  My lovely, delicate flower of a daughter starting burping on purpose.  She would burp and all the boys would laugh.  Oh, she’s turning into such a young lady!


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