Doing my part to stimulate the economy

Black Friday!  It’s one of the best days of the year.  I love Black Friday.  Do you know why it’s called Black Friday?  Because traditionally this is the day when most retailers go from operating in the red to operating in the black.  Ta Da!

My sister, my mom and I decided to hit the stores.  We left the Men-folk in charge of the children.

First stop was Kohl’s.  And wow was it crowded. The line for the check out went all the way to the back of the store.  So after about 10 minutes of looking around we took turns waiting in line while the other two shopped.  It was a good system, and we finished up in there after about an hour.  45 minutes of that was time waiting in line.

We also stopped at Target.  Target was slightly less crowded, and they had a zillion check out lanes open so it was easy shopping, but we didn’t buy much.

Now we were hungry, so off to Chili’s for a yummy lunch.  Then we were off to the Fancy Mall in the Big City.

On the way to the Fancy Mall my mom said, “I can’t find my cell phone”.  My sister quickly whipped out her phone and called mom’s phone so we could find it.  But, we couldn’t hear it ringing.  Oh no!  It was Lost!  But wait, it must have fallen out of mom’s pocket at Chili’s.  My sister whipped out my phone (she was almost out of minutes) and called the restaurant.  Yes!  They did find a phone.  Oh good.  We told them we would be back to pick it up in the late afternoon.

The Fancy Mall was not terribly crowded, but of course it had been open since 12:01am, so I think we missed most of the door buster specials crowd.  We went to Barnes and Noble and Pottery Barn.  I tried on many sweaters, some of them cashmere, but I didn’t buy a single one.  Even though many of them were buy one get one free, or buy one get one for 75% off.  Did you hear that?  Those sweaters were practically begging to come home with me.  But I held firm.  I am so good and virtuous.

Finally it was time to come home and pick up the children.   The Men-Folk went to the local grill your own steak restaurant.  I hate that place. I strongly believe that if I am going out to eat in a restaurant, I shouldn’t have to cook my own food.

So the Women took the children to a different restaurant with yummy ice cream desserts.  We all ate too much again.  Starting tomorrow nothing but lettuce leaves and Diet Coke.


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