The seventh circle of retail

What a week.  This has been a week of buying things and then taking things back.  It’s not my fault.  It’s not like I do it on purpose.  But this was not a good week for retail activity.

It started out innocently enough on Monday morning.  The C-Man was complaining that none of his pants fit right.  Part of it was just him having his usual Monday conniption, but he had a point.  Many of his sweatpants were looking a little floody.

So, off I go to Target to get him some new sweatpants in the next size up.  And here is where things started to go wrong.  You see, the C-man is about 4 foot 2 inches. Not very tall, but tall enough that the manufacturers of Hanes childrens sweatpants (The C-man’s clothing of choice) thinks he should be a size medium, not a size small.  Unfortunately the C-Man also only weighs about 50 pounds soaking wet with all his clothes on after a big meal.  Hanes thinks a child who wears a size medium should weigh 55 pounds. 

As you probably predicted when he pulled the sweats on, they promptly fell down.  On Tuesday, they went back to the store and were exchanged for some basketball pants, size medium with drawstrings.  The drawstrings meant they fit around the middle but they were too long.  Wednesday I went back to the store again. 

But of course they didn’t have any basketball pants in his size so I had to go to Wal Mart.  I hate Wal Mart.  Unfortunately I seem to spend  lot of time there despite hating it.  Anway, they did have basketball pants with drawstrings in a size small.  And they fit!  And he likes them!  So mission accomplished.  Three days later.  

Meanwhile I had also purchased some really cute Christmas lights at Target for the front porch.  I was so happy. They were blue and white, and looked like icicles.  I loved them.  I got them home, took them out to the porch, and realized they were too short to span the front windows.  So, once again I had to visit the nice people at the Target return desk.  Target is going to blacklist me any day now.


One thought on “The seventh circle of retail

  1. Yeah, I hate Walmart too, and what’s worse they’re set to rake in massive profits this Christmas while they continue to outsource our jobs. Did you see this video claiming that nearly 70% of their items come from communist China?

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