Cubs notes

It looks like Mark Cuban won’t be buying the Chicago Cubs after all.  Although I think this has been a non-starter for a while.  The Chicago press had already reported that MLB wouldn’t approve the sale.  Perhaps they knew something we didn’t know?

Of course the question remains, who will buy them?  I would do it, but I think they probably want more than the $1.98 I can pony up.  (That was the spare change in the sofa).  Besides, I would  be a terrible owner.  I am too emotional.  I would never be able to consider the Cubs just a business.  And really, that is what you have to do.  But if anybody from the Tribune Corporation is reading this, and you think $1.98 is enough…call me.

I see we have signed a new contract with Ryan Dempster.  Good.  I think we need him next year.

But I also would have signed Kerry Wood again.  This is probably a good example of why I shouldn’t own the team.  I know in my head that he is not really a very good closer, but I just wouldn’t have it in me to let him go.  Why?  Because I like him.

Now, if only we could get Manny Ramirez…



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