We’re watching bas-ket-ball

It was a big weekend for us.  On Friday night of course we were watching Shawn Johnson do flips.  Then on Saturday we went to the basketball game.  And not just any basketball game, the Big U men’s game.  We have been to many of the women’s games over the years, but not too many men’s games.  Those tickets are more expensive and harder to acquire.  This is a little bit strange because the women’s team is usually much better.

One of Tom’s colleagues has season tickets and couldn’t use Saturday’s, so he sent around an email asking if anybody wanted them.  So we said yes, and we were first.  Hooray!

Now, I will tell you something strange about me.  I really really hate watching basketball on TV.  Watching paint dry is more interesting.  Nothing ever happens.  Run it down, put it up, run it down put it up.  He shoots, he scores!  Yawn.  But live and in person it is much more exciting.  Especially when you have good seats.

Tom’s colleague is a big fan, and his seats are down pretty close to the floor, and pretty close to one of the baskets.  They were close enough that you can hear the players’ shoes squeaking and you can hear them yelling at each other.  They were much better than our usual high altitude seats.

It was a pretty lopsided game in the end, with the Good Guys winning 67-55.  The kids got to eat soft pretzels and watch for the team mascot.  Tom and I actually got to sit next to each other and we had some nachos.  You gotta eat the stadium food.

The only negative to the whole afternoon was the walk back to the car.  Tom had dropped us off at the arena and then gone in search of parking before the game.  Why?  Because there was a football game yesterday too, and parking was kind of an issue.  So it was a long cold walk back to the car, but everybody held up well.

And I learned that in February our athletic department is doing something they call “Beauty and the Beast”.  This is wrestling and gymnastics (I assume women’s) on the floor competing at the same time.  I am not even kidding.  I think we may have to check that out.


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