Shawn Johnson!

I thought I had posted this yesterday.  Must have hit the wrong button…

So friday night we took The Children to see the 2008 Olympic Parade of Champions show.  Or, as it was more commonly known around here, the “Shawn Johnson and Some Other People Show”.  I’m sure in Texas it will be the Nastia Liuken show, but not around here baby.

Actually, they had a lot of other gymnasts there.  The entire men’s team was there, and so were the Hamm brothers.  I thought the men’s performances were more interesting than the women. But that’s just me.  They did this really cool thing with the rings.  Some of the athletes were on the standard rings on the ground, and then two guys were on ring that had come down from the ceiling, and then went back up.  So you had two guys flying around up in the air doing tricks on the rings, which frankly look tricky enough in their normal spot on terra firma.

And both Nastia and Shawn bobbled on their balance beam routines.  I thought that was funny.  I’m sure they are not practicing this with the same intensity they were practicing with before.  Nobody did any really hard tricks either.  All single twists and aerial somersaults instead of doubles and triples.  No sense getting hurt doing something like this.

But the kids loved it.  Epecially the Princess.  Especially when Shawn Johnson came out and did a floor routine to a Hannah Montana song!  OMG!  And when everybody came out for the finale they were playing a song by the Jonas Brothers!  OMG again!  She was actually screaming and stuff.  It was like watching a little teenager struggling to emerge.  Scary.

So a good time was had by all.  I will say I think the Wells Fargo Arena still needs to work on crowd control a little bit.  We got there at about 6 o’clock.  The show started at 7 but they still hadn’t opened the doors, and they didn’t until about 6:15.  Opening the doors for a crowd of over 10,000 people only 45 minutes before showtime?  Really?  It made things a real race to get to our seats and get food before they started. 

Our seats were on the second level, which were really good.  And getting up the stairs before the show was no problem, but getting back down there was quite a crowd and it was slow going.  Luckily this is Iowa and everybody just patiently waits their turn. 


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