I bought a pineapple at the grocery store yesterday. I love fresh pineapple.  It tastes so good.  Much better than the canned stuff which just tastes like can. 

It looked so picturesque on my counter that I hated to cut into it, but it was time.  I was kind of nervous.  I really don’t know how to tell if a pineapple is ripe so I was just kind of guessing in the store.  We used to buy them in Rome all the time.  But in Rome it didn’t matter that I didn’t know a ripe pineapple from an unripe one.  In Rome the nice Italian fruit vendor asks you if you are going to eat your pineapple (ananas) today or tomorrow (oggi o domani) and then he chooses one for you based on your pineapple consumption plans.

I have to admit cutting this one up today was a bit of a challenge.  And I don’t know why because I’m sure the knife I used to carve them up in Italy was much dodgier than the one I used today.  So go figure.

But it is really good.  I will have to buy them more often.  Plus they remind me a little bit of Rome, and that is always a good thing.




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