Missing: Have you seen this glove? Or that one? Or that one?

According to the local NPR station, it’s supposed to snow here tonight maybe.  Snow.  One to three inches.  Of snow.  On November 11.  I would just like to point out that one week ago we were all walking around in shorts and having nervous breakdowns about the election.  Now, we are wearing parkas and picking up Snow-Melt at the Wal Mart.

There are times I hate the Midwest.  I hate snow, I hate cold weather, and I hate snow.  I know, I know, when we lived in California I used to go on about how I missed having four seasons.  That I hated alternating between foggy and rainy.  Well, apparently I lied.  What I really missed was summer and hot weather and heat advisories. 

Anyway, since it is suddenly winter everybody needed gloves this morning.  After a thorough search of The C-Man’s winter gear I came up with 5 different gloves, all of them for the left hand, all of them without partners. 

Where, oh where do the other gloves go?  Is there a wormhole somewhere in my closet that leads to a parallel universe.  A universe with a  little boy who has only gloves for his right hand? Are all these right-hand gloves sitting on a beach somewhere drinking Mai-Tai’s?  Frankly, I think they would be overdressed for that.

So where are they?  The world may never know. 

I bought a bunch of new gloves today.  It’s really not a big deal.  You can get those stretchy ones for about a dollar a pair.  So this is not a huge economic hardship or anything like that.  It’s the principle of the thing.  I just want to know what happens to them.


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