Five more reasons why I cannot possibly write a novel this month


Still freaking out about the election.  The first results are in and they are not making me feel any better.

Plus I am exhausted from knocking on doors this morning.  Would you like to know how much I hate knocking on doors?  A lot.  Sweet cracker sandwiches do I hate it.  I am not a very outgoing person by nature, and I am high strung at the best of times.  Combine the stress of knocking on doors with the stress of worrying about the results with the caffeine boost from the free Starbucks and you have a real train wreck on your hands. 

But I did knock on doors, despite my better judgement.  So now I feel like I have done everything I can possibly do, but it is not making me feel any better.


The weather has been gorgeous.  I mean like ridiculously nice outside.  How can I stay inside writing when the weather is like this?  Really, I need to be outside, sitting on the porch talking to my sister on the phone.  Priorities people.


I have been trying to clean up the kitchen.  There is still a lot of stuff out from the Halloween party and I really need to get it put away.


Too much caffeine today.

And the number one reason for today:

I still suck at writing.  My word count is currently at a paltry 770 words.  I am very, very behind.


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