Happy halloween!

Well, Halloween has come and gone and I didn’t eat all the candy this afternoon.  I am very proud of myself.

The Princess was a witch; The C-man was some kind of ghoul.  It was supposed to have this fake blood in tubes that would run down his face, but when I opened the fake blood up, it promptly stained my hands red so I ix-nayed the lood-bay much to the C-man’s chagrin.

I was dead but pretty yet again.  That makes three years in a row.  The kids told me I should dress up tonight too, not just tomorrow so I obliged.  The Princess was very interested in watching me put on my make-up. I got some cool black Goth-like eye shadow to add to my usual look.  It was awesome.  It is tricky to remove though…tomorrow I may not use quite so much.  I will have to get somebody to take a picture of Tom and I at the party tomorrow.  I will be dead but pretty and Tom will be David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox.  I can’t wait to see how he pulls this off.  He has taken a few days off from shaving so he can do the big sideburns.

Anyway, it was a perfect day for it.  Sunny and about 70 degrees when we started out.  But by the time we came home it was getting chilly.  And we were only out for about an hour and a half.  I remember when we were kids we would go for ages.  We would change into our costumes after school, then trick or treat until dinnertime.  Then once we were older we would go back out after dinner.  We would have whole pillowcases full of candy.  But here you are only allowed to go out from 5:30 to 7:30.  That seems kind of wimpy to me.

But you are probably waiting to see pictures of the kids in their costumes. Here ya go:

I took these in the front yard.



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