Party planning continues

Okay, I have been to the liquor store, the grocery store – twice, Hobby Lobby and Target numerous times and I think I finally have everything I need for the party.

I have made three loaves of pumpkin bread; about 8 dozen spritz cookies with jaunty Halloween colored sprinkles and six dozen bat cookies with black sugar on them.  The bat cookies look awesome even if I do say so myself.  Check it out:

Ooh scary.  Tom says it surprises him that I make bat cookies since real bats upset me so much.  But these are just pretend bats so it’s okay.

In addition to all these baked goods I’m also planning on serving the Party Meatballs, mummified pork loin (photos to follow post-party), deviled eggs (get it?), and of course the usual party standby’s:  chips and salsa and veggies and dip.  Oh, and Halloween candy, duh. 

As you can see I have been very busy channeling my Inner Martha.  And she’s kind of being a pain in the neck.  The party is in 48 hours and she has started whispering in my ear, “you don’t have enough food” “you don’t have enough pop”.  Actually, I think she has a point there; I need to go buy more Coke tomorrow. 

I also need to boil the eggs and make the deviled egg filling, finish cleaning, find the coolers, assemble the coat rack, and go to Wal-Mart.  I still need to get make-up so I can be dead but pretty.  I had make-up but it was from last year so I threw it out.  You are supposed to replace that stuff every six months you know. 

So it looks like I will out and about again tomorrow tying up the last of the loose ends.  Then maybe my Inner Martha will shut up.


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