Vote no on California Prop 8

Sorry guys, back on my soapbox.

Have you seen this?

Proposition 8

SECTION 1. Title

This measure shall be known and may be cited as the “California Marriage Protection Act.”

SECTION 2. Section 7.5 is added to Article I of the California Constitution, to read:

SEC. 7.5. Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.


This makes me sad.  And angry.  I lived in California for four years and I really liked it out there.  Granted I lived in San Francisco, but California always seemed to have a very open-minded, tolerant kind of place.

So you can imagine how distressed I am that the people of California are voting to write discrimination into the constitution.  They are actually considering actively legislating discrimination.  That’s just wrong.

It doesn’t matter what you think about same sex marriage.  I, personally, don’t have a problem with it but that is neither here nor there right now.

What this amendment wants to do is give the Government access to your private lives.  That is a potentially slippery slope.

This country was founded on the beliefs that all of us are created equal.  That does not mean some of us are more equal than others, we are all the same in the eyes of the law.  If Prop 8 passes Californians will be adding an amendment to their constitution that says the opposite. 

Please, if you live in California, vote no on Prop 8.


4 thoughts on “Vote no on California Prop 8

  1. this is how I see the whole prop 8 thing I’m married to a great lady have two great kids its not my place to say who can marry who, but in this case it’s very important to take a stand because what is going to happen if this passes then you are taking away rights of others

    if two men want to get married go for it but dont make it a law , if you do then these two men can go to any church and asked to be married there if the church refuses to marrry them, then they can be sued by the two men, we all know what side the church is on so if this passes then you are telling the church that their beliefs dont count

  2. I don’t think churches would be forced to perform same sex marriages if this passed. And you you vote yes on prop 8 you are telling gay men and women that their rights don’t count.

  3. I’ll give you some rest on the subject, then.

    Argument 1: But Same-sex marriage is CURRENTLY LEGAL in California. Prop 8 will end that!

    Fact 1: Same sex UNIONS have been. First, the term, ‘Same-sex Marriages’ is recent and is the conflict of opinions. Second, ‘Civil Union’ is the proper term of two people of the same gender coming together. Marriage in the dictionary is “the union between to people of the opposite sex.”. Therefore doing so will only make the term ambiguous and would not help people define marriage.

    Argument 2: Voting NO on Prop 8 WILL NOT force schools to teach same-sex marriage

    Fact 2: “The California Department of Education’s own website says that 96 % of public schools provide instruction under the Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Act (Educ. Code Sec. 51930, et seq.) and every school that provides instruction under that Act must provide instruction and materials that teach about marriage. Additionally, the Department of Education’s own checklist for instruction under the Act confirms that instruction about marriage is required for the school district to be in compliance with state law.” (from
    Therefore the argument is bogus. In fact the idea that “you love someone” is not enough to marry. If the reason for marriage is that, then why stop from there? Why not allow multiple wives/husbands and marry animals? And lets go farther and say you can have group marriages and marry children, regardless their age!
    So then you would cause havoc in the school curriculum and cause kids to both not be able to identify their gender, and make ambiguous the reason to marry in the first place. Thus unsafe activity would be increased (licentious behavior is a pool for AIDS)

    Argument 3: Voting NO on Prop 8 WILL NOT force Churches to recognize same-sex marriage and they WILL NOT lose their tax-exempt status

    Fact 3: Although this is true, one simply has to look around at the places that do and you’ll find that is will be done so anyways. Take recently how when two physicians, Dr. Christine Brody and Dr. Douglas Fenton, refused to artificially inseminate her when she asked for the procedure.
    Benitez said they denied her because she is gay; the doctors argued it was because she was not married.
    Robert Tyler, the doctors’ attorney, has said his clients, who are Christian, suffered a “crisis of conscience” when asked to perform the insemination and play a role in creating life.
    The court found that federal and state constitutional rights to religious freedoms and free speech do not mean that doctors can violate California’s Unruh Act, a set of civil rights laws that govern businesses, “even if compliance poses an incidental conflict” with a doctor’s religious beliefs] [Source:
    Or how about when a church refused to allow a same-sex wedding on their own property? The church got sued because they wouldn’t allow it on their property, ‘the nerve of them’! []
    It’s nice to think positively on things like this, but loopholes through laws are just the thing that happens. Good intentions just can’t measure up to lost liberties, or the opportunity to lose them.

    Argument 4: Domestic Partnership and Marriage ARE NOT the same

    Fact 4: Again, the correct term is civil unions, and they have the same rights as married couples, from visitation rights to power of Atterny. Proposition 8 doesn’t take away any rights or benefits of gay or lesbian domestic partnerships. Under California law, “domestic partners shall have the same rights, protections, and benefits” as married spouses. (Family Code § 297.5.) There are NO exceptions. Proposition 8 WILL NOT change this.
    In fact, it is a myth for that to come up as an argument since their own advocates were the ones who helped create the said laws!

    Argument 5: Banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and un-American

    Fact 5: This not only was not what the constitution was speaking of (since it refereed to individuals) but the theory is completely flawed. It is not anyone’s right to do anyone harm or take advantage of someone’s weakness. You never have the right shoot someone for nothing, you know.
    Again, refer to the above fact.

    (: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Joe Biden, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Barabara Boxer, Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and many more are all AGAINST Prop 8.)
    Fact 6: Two-thirds more agree and most are from California. Check out some of the list on []

    [The Teacher’s Association did not ask their own people whether they agreed but used their money for the opposition to Prop 8. Also, many group OUTSIDE California have been giving money to an issue that concerns Californians alone]

    Argument 7: The Supreme Court overturned the ban on same-sex marriage because it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL

    Fact 7: The Ban had nothing to do with the so-called constitution. In fact, marriage as an idea of between one of each sex has been around before recorded history and is apart of both this physical world and our psychological well-being. The decision should have therefore been up to the people as our founding father’s had intended such “trivial” things to be.

    Argument 8: The California Supreme Court Justices ARE NOT activists!

    Fact 8: Judicial activism – an interpretation of the U.S. constitution holding that the spirit of the times and the needs of the nation can legitimately influence judicial decisions (particularly decisions of the Supreme Court)
    These judges fit the said definition, regardless of whether they are moderate or not. Our Founding Fathers were the most brilliant people on the subject and should be listened too (Only one true Democratic Republic has lasted so long), therefore to ignore them because of mere opinions and feelings, which is inserting your own ideas as absolutes, is the most arrogant thing to do, in our argument.

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