Do we really need this?

I was at the grocery store the other day and I saw something new in the refrigerated section.  Now, it may not actually be new, maybe I just never noticed it before, but it was new to me.

It was a product called Batter Blaster.  And it said it was organic!  Although I am not sure how organic something like that can be when it has probably been pumped full of stabilizers, preservatives and some kind of propellant.  It looked like a giant container or Reddi Whip, but instead of being full of delicious whipped cream product it was (apparently) full of pancake batter.

Wow.  How hard is it to make pancake batter?  I’ll tell you, not hard at all. Making the batter is not the hard part.  Cooking the pancakes is the hard part.

I like pancakes.  I don’t even mind making pancake batter.  But I hate cooking them.  You have to stand there at the hot stove pouring batter into the pan, being careful to make the pancake big enough to seem respectable, yet small enough that you can flip it with a regular spatula.  Flipping them is also fraught with peril.  If you try to flip them too soon you just make a big mess, flip them too late and don’t have a pancake anymore, you have a Frisbee.  And you have to have the oven on too so you can keep the pancakes warm.  For me this usually means burning myself by trying to slide things in and out of the oven too quickly.  It’s a pain in the neck and it takes forever.  Maybe if I had a pancake griddle it would be easier, but I am not getting one just on the off chance that it would motivate me to make pancakes more often.

So I don’t make them very often.  A craving for pancakes is the perfect excuse to pack up the family and head to Perkins or Village Inn.  Let somebody else cook them.  All I want to do is eat them anyway.


2 thoughts on “Do we really need this?

  1. Yes I have seen those. Sacrilege!

    I guess if you are only making pancakes for one or two people it would be nice to be able to make two every morning. When you are making them for children who don’t so much eat them as inhale them, it gets tedious. Besides if I had that stuff in the house, the Princess would be demanding them for breakfast every freaking morning.

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