The Red Sox live to fight another day

What did I tell you about the Red Sox?  Last night they embarked on what will surely be the beginning of a seven game winning streak, beating the Rays 8-7.  JD Drew hit a 2 out  walkoff single in the bottom of the ninth scoring Kevin Youkilis from second base.  They had been down 7-0 going into the bottom of the seventh.  These guys are so money in the post season it’s scary.

The Sox have played elimination baseball before.  Let’s all pause for a moment to remember 2004, when the Sox won four in a row to beat the Yankees for the ALCS title.  And if that doesn’t convince you think back to just last year.  The Sox were down 3 games to 1 against the Cleveland Indians.  Did they give up?  No!  They won three in a row to take The Pennant AGAIN, and then did away with the Colorado Rockies in fine fashion in the World Series.

They can do this and they know they can do it.  They’ve done it before.  This is just another day at the office for them.  And you know who else knows they can do it?  The Rays, that’s who.

We were watching the game last night.  When they scored 4 in the seventh inning I was getting excited, sure we were about to see something great.  Tom was getting all sweary and grumpy.  Saying things like “well, at least they’re making it interesting”.  Then when we tied it up in the 8th, Tom said, I don’t think I have the stamina for another one of these come from behind series.  I was thrilled. 

This is, I think, the biggest difference between Cubs fans and Red Sox fans.  Optimism verses pessimism.  Cubs fans know that the game is never over until the last out.  So we are always hoping for the miracle comeback.  That is why our hearts are always broken up in little pieces under the El tracks at Addison St.  Because we never get the miracle comeback. 

Sox fans, on the other hand, always seem to expect the worst.  I’m sitting there saying, “We’re going to win!  We are going to climb back from a seven run deficit.  This is amazing!”  Tom, Sox fan that he is, is saying, “How are they going to screw this up?”   I just don’t know how a person can stand to watch a game with that kind of mindset. Because if you are a Sox fan, you do get the miracle comeback.  I don’t get it.


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