Project Runway finale

It’s going to be a big TV night tonight around here.  It always is during the baseball playoffs.  I hate to miss any games since I know there are so few remaining before the long horrible dry spell that is the off-season.  So I feel like I need to watch every minute of every game.  Even when I don’t care much about the outcome.

So, first up tonight, the Phillies and the Dodgers.  The Phillies could win The Pennant tonight.  Does anybody still call it that anymore?  Maybe it’s just me.

Then once the game is over, I am TiVo-ing the season finale of Project Runway.  And the reunion show.  And I have to watch them tonight.  Why do I have to watch them tonight?  So I can discuss them at length with my sister on the phone tomorrow.  It’s what we do. 

We talk every day.  About nothing.  Our conversations would make an excellent episode of Seinfeld.  Because we talk every day we already know everything that is going on in each other’s lives.  So we talk about stuff like what was on sale at the grocery store, or what we bought at Target.  What we will have for dinner and how much the kids are driving us crazy.  You know, the minutiae of every day life.  And then on Thursdays we talk about The Runway.  This is how we always refer to it too, “The Runway”.  As in “so did you watch The Runway yet?”

My brother watches The Runway too.  He is going to be blogging live during the west coast airing.  It will be on his website Experiment Farm.  I can’t wait I am so excited.


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