These are the socks I just finished knitting.


I bought this yarn on September 19 when I was in Chicago visiting my sister.  I started working on the socks that night, and finished them yesterday, October 11.  Be impressed.  Be very impressed.  It’s a new personal record for knitting not just one, but two complete socks with the yarn ends woven in and everything. 

Unfortunately, the Red Sox lost last night despite my frantic knitting efforts. I will have to knit harder next time.

I need a new project now, fortunately I have a couple things on my to do list.  I have to do some Secret Knitting for my next project, and then the C-man wants me to knit him a blanket. 

Really, I don’t know why I knit things for the children.  They just end up wadded into a ball on the floor somewhere.  I think they like the idea that I am knitting something just for them, but aren’t necessarily so excited with the finished product.

The Princess has started knitting now too.  I have tried to teach her two or three times, but she has always lost interest before she got the hang of it.  She seems to be catching on this time though.  We’ll see how long it lasts this time.


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