A conundrum

Now I don’t know what to do.  The Japanese Grand Prix is this weekend, and qualifying was on late last night.  Like midnight.  So, as usual I TiVo’ed it planning to watch it tonight either before or after the Red Sox game, depending on my mood later this evening. 

One little quirk of mine:  if I have recorded a race or other sporting event to watch later, I do not like to find out the results before I watch it.  Because at that point, why bother watching?  This is something most people who know me know about me. 

So, this afternoon I inadvertently, through no fault of my own found out who is on pole.

My conundrum is this.  Should I just go ahead and look at the results or not?  I guess I am especially annoyed because

**Spoiler alert – don’t read the rest of this if you don’t know who’s on pole and you don’t want to know yet**

that Lewis Hamilton is on pole.  That Lewis Hamilton I hate.  So I’m not super excited about watching that. But I don’t know where anybody else ended up, or if there were any penalties handed down after the fact. 

 **End spoiler alert**

If I look at the results I may not want to watch it at all.  I am already almost at that point.  And there are only 3 races left this season.  I should savor them and watch every moment.  But if I peek and don’t bother watching I won’t have to stay up so late tonight, and would maybe even have time to watch the review show of the Singapore Grand Prix.  A race I enjoyed tremendously.

But I really wanted to watch qualifying.  I am not a happy camper.


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