Go Phillies (at least for now)

All right, I’ve decided.  I am rooting for the Phillies.  The Dodgers just aren’t doing it for me.  Plus they’re getting killed.  As I write this they are losing 8-5 in the bottom of the fourth.  They have been playing for over 2 hours, and are only in the bottom of the fourth.  Oy.

The Dodgers just aren’t playing well, and it annoys me.  Why?  Because I wish they had been this lackluster against the Cubs.  And where or where was the gopher ball chucking Derek Lowe they had on the hill last night when the Cubs were facing them?  Oh, that’s right, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since the entire Cubs offense decided to take the series off. 

I’m sorry; apparently I am still not over the Cubs crushing and humiliating defeat in the NLDS. 

The Phillies fans all seem so happy and excited too.  All of them waving their little white towels.  What’s up with that anyway?  Dodger’s fans have a bit of a reputation.  They tend to come late and leave early.  I wonder how into it the crowd will be when the get to LA. 

So all of this leaves me with no choice but to root for the Phillies.  At least until the World Series.  Then I will root for the Red Sox.  Because I know they are going to beat the Rays.


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