The Dodgers or the Phillies?

I can’t decide who to root for tonight, the Dodgers or the Phillies.  I don’t really care either way.  I suppose part of me would like to see the Dodgers win the series.  That way at least the Cubs lost to the best team in the National League.  And there would be something kind of satisfying about seeing the Dodgers win with castoffs from the Yankees and the Red Sox.  Plus if the Dodgers win and the Red Sox win we get to see Manny Ramirez back in Fenway, playing for the other team.  That would be fun.

But really, I just can’t work up much enthusiasm for either side.  I guess I should just hope the Red Sox win the ALCS in four and that whoever wins the NLCS needs seven games to do it.  That way their pitching staff will be nice and tired before they get to the  Sawx.

Whatever happens tonight I know I will get a lot of knitting done.  I always get a lot of knitting done when I am watching a sporting event that I don’t care much about.  That way the game can just act as background noise while I knit, and I can just look up whenever I hear the announcers start yelling to see what happened.  Unfortunately I can’t knit much if I care a lot about the outcome because I either get nervous and make mistakes or I get all worked up and pull the yarn too tight.


One thought on “The Dodgers or the Phillies?

  1. If you want the Sawx to win, don’t root for a 4 game sweep of the Rays. The last two teams to sweep the LCS got killed in the Series. (If you sweep the LCS you have to sit around and wait for a full week before the World Series starts. Not good.)

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