Farewell Canadian Grand Prix

Well, here I was all ready to write a nice happy “why I love the Red Sox” type of post today.  But now that will have to wait until tomorrow because I am very, very angry.

Why?  I’ll tell you.  Because Bernie Ecclestone, grand poobah of Formula One Management has dropped the Canadian Grand Prix from the 2009 calendar.  Bastard.  What are we having instead?  The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.  Oh, yeah, I’m sure tons of people are just dying to go to Abu Dhabi for a long weekend.  I’m sorry I should take the snarky tone out of my voice.

I believe the claim is that it is too expensive to do the fly-away to North America now that there is no US Grand Prix.  Never mind that North America has to be one of the biggest if not the biggest market for most of the manufacturers.  I can’t imagine Mercedes or BMW or Honda or Toyota are too excited about this. 

But of course instead of flying here they are flying to Abu Dhabi instead.  So, where is the savings here?  It’s all just a big fat excuse. 

There have also been rumors about running this race at night.  So, add the cost and potential dangers of racing at night into the mix.  And why does Bernie want the race at night?  So it will be on in the late afternoon in Europe.  Never mind that the Canadian race can run during the day and be aired in Prime Time in Europe.  That’s too easy.

It’s all about the Benjamins with Bernie.  So who cares if a city with a long tradition of F1racing loses their event if another country comes along and offers Bernie big truckloads of money.  Who cares if Montreal actually has a contract with FOM through 2011?  Contracts are for wimps anyway.

I’m just sick.  This means no F1 live and in person for me next year.  No stalking race car drivers (not that I would do that – that would be illegal) and no hanging out at the track with like minded fans.  This just stinks.


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