Stuffed animals playing baseball

The children are downstairs with 18 of their stuffed animals, and their stuffies are playing a baseball game.  It is the top of the second, and they have been playing for at least an hour.  I was just downstairs watching and I have to say it is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Blue Bunny is pitching for the Red Sox.  Cubby (the stuffed bear in a Cubs shirt I bought the C-man at the game on Thursday) is catching.  They have used a rubber band to secure a plastic pan lid from the toy kitchen to Cubby’s belly.  That is the chest protector.  He also has a toy bowl rubber-banded to his hand to catch the ball, which is really a tiny, pink Easter egg. 

There are an assortment of penguins, teddy bears and rabbits in the infield.  Three larger stuffed bears are in the outfield.

The last batter I saw was a toy lion from the Disney Store.  The Princess was helping the lion hold a foam Cubs bat in his hands.  When Blue Bunny pitches the C-man carries the ball to the plate and the lion swings.  Then they argue about whether or not the lion got a hit. 

If the animal in question does have a hit the person controlling that animal runs it down to first base where there is another stuffie lying on the floor fielding his or her position.  Meanwhile the person controlling the pitcher tries to get the egg-ball to the first baseman in time. It is something to see.

Sadly, Mr. Ferrari (a stuffed horse wearing a Ferrari t-shirt) has been reduced to the role of ticket taker because he doesn’t have opposable thumbs.  Neither do rabbits or penguins or bears for that matter, but never mind.  I suspect what really happened is The Princess brought one too many animals downstairs.

So it is the Cubs vs. the Red Sox in stuffie land.  I’m not sure who is winning.  I am also very curious to see how long they can do this without getting into a fistfight.  But in the meantime, at least I got to see the Cubs play the Red Sox in some capacity.


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