Take me out to the playoffs

I have been afraid to mention this, lest I anger the baseball gods in some way.  But I think it’s safe to say this now:


Sorry for shouting but I just can’t help myself.

Never in a million years did I even dream I would have this opportunity.  Tickets to regular season games at Wrigley Field are almost impossible to get.  Post season tickets are that hard times ten.  I have been a Cubs fan for a long, long, loooong time.  We don’t make it this far very often.  I never thought I would get the chance to see my boys play in October Live and In Person.

You may remember, this year the Cubs held a drawing to see who could try to buy playoff tickets.  My name wasn’t chosen so I thought I was just out of luck, as usual.  But my sister and my best friend both got lucky, and both of them had a chance to get tickets.  As if that wasn’t lucky enough, both of them actually got tickets!  Can you believe it?  And then, the best part of all, they both invited me to go with them.  I have the best sister and the best best friend in the whole entire world.

As a result of this incredible stroke of luck, I have a ticket to Game 2 on Thursday night, and a ticket to Game 5 (if necessary).  I cannot tell you how much I am hoping and praying to the baseball gods that Game 5 will not be necessary.  Of course, if things end up not going our way, I could be hoping and praying that Game 5 will be necessary.  But I prefer not to dwell on that possibility.

Unfortunately, Tom is out of town so childcare is an issue.  I am pulling the kids out of school for Thursday and Friday.  We will get up Thursday morning, get ready and hit the road.  That should put us in Chicago by mid to late afternoon.  Plenty of time since the game starts at 8:30.  Then Friday morning we will get up and drive home.  That’s a lot of time in the car for the Princess and the C-man but they are being good sports about it.  I’m sure this wins me some kind of bad, selfish mommy award.

I had suggested we stay in town on Friday and go to the Museum of Science and Industry or something, but they want to come home.  The Princess has her riding lesson on Friday afternoon, and the C-Man has a birthday party on Saturday.  So much for that idea. 

My 2008 National League Central Champions T-shirt arrived today.  Just in time!  I can wear it to the game on Thursday.  It can’t possibly be unlucky because I just took it out of the plastic. 

This is going to be so great. 

Come on boys let’s do this thing!


Go Cubs


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