More post season musings

There will probably be a lot of this in the next few days.

And so the regular season comes to an end.  And the Cubs won 97 games.  And the Cubs are the National League Central Champions.  And now comes the part I hate.  The part where we actually have to play the playoff games.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will arrive in Chicago on Wednesday, October 1 to start the best of five NLDS series.  I was afraid this might happen.  Since the Cubs have the best record in the National League we should be playing the Wild Card team.  But the Milwaukee Brewers are the Wild Card, and they are from our division.  So instead we play the league champion with the worst record.  That would be the Dodgers.

This year the Dodgers have acquired a player from the Red Sox called Manny Ramirez.  Manny can hit the ball a mile.  For the last week I have been professing that the only way I want to see Manny hitting in Wrigley Field is in a Cubs uniform.  That seems unlikely at this late date.

Since I was obsessing about how badly Manny could hurt us, I decided to find out how much damage he has done in the past.  This may be the one and only good thing about interleague play; the ability to do things like find out just how well Manny hits in the Friendly Confines.

First of all, a disclaimer: I compiled these stats myself, and I may have missed something.  Please feel free to correct any mistakes I have made, or to add anything I missed.

Now, on to the cold hard facts:

Manny has played two different series in Wrigley Field.  One in 1999 when he was with the Cleveland Indians, and one with the Red Sox in 2005.  In those five games Manny had 23 official at-bats and got six hits.  According to my calculations that gives him a batting average of .260 on the North Side of Chicago.  He had two doubles and only one home run.  He also had three RBI’s, two bases on balls and six, count em, six strikeouts.   So he may not be as dangerous as I thought.

Of course, this is the playoffs and none of that means anything.  I sure wouldn’t give him anything good to hit.


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