Odds and ends

The children are getting ready to put on a play of some sort.  They are making their stuffed animals audition for parts.  Sometimes I wonder if they really understand that their stuffies are not, in fact, sentient beings.


Survivor starts tonight.  I love Survivor.  I know it is stupid, and manipulative and horrible.  But there is just something about the sight of Jeff Probst in those baggy shorts.

I have always thought that on Survivor,  you either have to win it all, or be the first one voted out.  If you are the first one to go you still get three days of the Survivor experience and then you get 36 days in the camp or resort or wherever it is that they deposit all the castaways until they stop shooting.  And of course if you win you get a million dollars.  That might make eating all those bugs and other slimy thigs worth it.  Or it might not.

So if I were on Survivor, I would want to be the first one voted off.  I think that would be ideal.  But I will never be on Survivor, because…well there probably isn’t enough room on the internet to list all the reasons why I will never be on Survivor.


I made myself an iced coffee with the stovetop espresso maker.  It’s good, but Starbucks is better.


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