The great chipmunk hunt

So I am in the office today, fooling around on the computer when I hear a funny noise.  I wonder what it is (and hope it isn’t a bat) and when I turn around, there is a chipmunk in the office looking at me.  What the -?  When did my house become the Holiday Inn for all the local fauna?  There is far too much nature in my house.  And I don’t even like it all that much when it’s outside. 

I screamed, not because he had really scared me, but because I wasn’t expecting guests.  So I called Tom, then animal control.  Animal control said come in at noon and get a trap.  That wasn’t really what I wanted to hear.  I wanted them to say, “We’ll be right over”.  But no, apparently I am on my own with this one.

The chipmunk was a pretty good guest really.  He mostly stayed in the basement, but every once in a while he would come upstairs and peek under the basement door at me.  Every time I tried to chase him outside he would just go back into the basement and hide.  We seemed to have reached some sort of accord, with him claiming the basement and me getting the rest of the house but really, I didn’t want him to stay.

At noon I went to Animal Control and got a trap.  It’s downstairs in the basement with a delicious piece of apple covered in peanut butter in it.  So far our little visitor has resisted temptation though.

When I picked the children up from school I told them; “there’s a chipmunk in the house, isn’t that hilarious?”  Of course their first question was “what is its name?”  I said he doesn’t have one he’s not staying.  When we got home he was in the kitchen.  But he ran away as soon as we came to the door.  Little stinker.

We think he finally ran out the open side door a bit after that.  We haven’t seen or heard from him in a couple hours now.  I’m hoping he’s gone, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if he were just hiding in the old coal room waiting for things to quiet down.  Stupid chipmunk.  I suppose we will find out tomorrow.

My biggest worry now is what to do with the thing if it does go into the trap.  I will have to pick up the trap, with the chipmunk in it and take it outside.  Then I will have to let him go, which will require a certain proximity to the chipmunk that I am really not comfortable with.  Maybe he’s gone.  I hope so.  He was cute and all, really, there are limits.


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