Odds and Ends – baseball edition

Well, I have been obsessively checking my email all day (even more than usual) but I did not get an email from the Cubs.  So it looks like I have not won the opportunity to try to buy tickets for the first round of the postseason.  Nuts.

To be honest though, I am not sure I would have known what to do with the tickets if I had managed to get any.  There would definitely have been a humorous dog catches car kind of slant to it.  You can only buy two tickets.  So how was I supposed to choose who to take?  I guess I would have had to put all the names in a hat and draw one.

Or maybe, if I get a chance to get tickets to the next round (knock on wood) I should just give the second ticket to whoever gives me the biggest present. 


I love this video


I know I am an emotional fan.  Probably more than most.  But this video had me weeping in front of my computer.


Jason Marquis hit a grand slam home run tonight.  He’s the pitcher.  Can you believe it?  Pitchers are not supposed to hit grand slams.  


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