Foam fingers vs. marble fingers

I bought the children foam fingers while I was at Wrigley Field.  (I promise this is the last time I will bring that up).  They were thrilled.  Of course they have already been converted into some sort of bizarre fencing weapon but that’s fine.  How much damage can they do with a piece of foam? The C-man has now announced that wants a foam finger from every Major League Baseball team.  Fabulous.

We have been on a foam finger mission since our return from Rome.  We tried to get them in Kansas City but the Royals had already sold out of them for the season.  In August!  Apparently these are a very popular souvenir item.

Why the obsession with foam fingers?  Well, I will tell you.

When we were in Rome we took the children to the Capitoline Museum.  The courtyard of that museum is filled with fragments of very large statues including this one of a giant marlble hand:


Princess O asked Tom why there was a giant marble hand in the museum.  And Tom, without even blinking explained it to her.

He said back in Ancient Rome people would go to the Colosseum to root for their favorite gladiators.  And since foam fingers hadn’t been invented yet they had to use marble fingers.  He went on to tell the children that this was a marble finger.  He explained that they were very heavy and you needed a lot of people to help hold them up and that is why the foam finger was invented.  So you wouldn’t have to worry about dropping a marble finger on your head.

The Princess gave Tom her best hairy eyeball and said “Daddy!” in her mad voice. The story stuck though and we have been looking for the foam version ever since.  The Princess suggested carving our own out of white foam so they would look like marble.  I like the way that girl thinks.


One thought on “Foam fingers vs. marble fingers

  1. The best explanation I have heard for the foam fingers! Hope for a NY Yankees loss tonight…Red Sox vs. Cubs?…..this is the year!

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