What not to wear at Wrigley Field

I have been trying to decide what to wear to the Cubs game on Friday.  Specifically, I have been trying to decide which of my many Cubs shirts and jerseys is the luckiest.  You have no idea how important this is.

This is tricky because most of my Cubs gear is actually very unlucky.  For example, I cannot possibly wear my white Cubs Home Jersey because I wore that for game one of the playoffs last year.  And we all know how well that went.  My gray Cubs shirt is also bad because they always seem to lose when I have that one on.  And obviously I cannot wear my 2007 National League Central Champions shirt because that one is cursed too.

For most of today I was wracking my brain, trying to remember what I had been wearing on Sunday.  Why Sunday, you ask?  Because Sunday was when Carlos Zambrano threw his no-hitter.  So obviously whatever I was wearing that day was very very lucky.  So I was thinking and thinking, and then I remembered:  I was wearing my Renault t-shirt because it was a race day.  Duh. 

So, I have decided to wear my replica 1918 road jersey.  It’s awesome.  It is also starting to fray at the collar so I don’t wear it much anymore, which means it can’t have much bad mojo on it.  And, as insurance, I will wear my Renault t-shirt under it.  That should do the trick.  At least, I hope so anyway.

I am also taking my v-neck road jersey in case I decide that one is better.  Or in case it’s really hot on Friday and I don’t want to wear my heavy jersey.

While I have been considering this I have also been considering the wisdom of me attending the game at all.  They generally play much better when I am not watching.  But by taking such pains to wear my luckiest clothes I think it will be okay. 

I have noticed that almost all Cubs fans believe the team plays better if they are not watching.  You would think this would have a negative impact on both attendance and TV ratings.  Yet, somehow it is always sold out, and they haven’t pulled the games from WGN because of ratings yet. 

There is one more thing on the agenda.  I plan to walk around Wrigley Field counter-clockwise before the game.  Tom did this at Fenway in 2004 and again in 2007.  It worked out pretty well for the Red Sox.

We Cubs fans are a superstitious bunch.


This Just In

The Cubs/Brewers game on ESPN has been blacked out.  Again.




One thought on “What not to wear at Wrigley Field

  1. Have fun! It’s “Cubs white t-shirt” day on Friday so get there early so you can get one. That can’t be cursed or bad luck so maybe that will work!

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