Carlos Zambrano redeems himself

Okay, maybe Zambrano is worth 90 million dollars. 

He threw a no-hitter last night against Houston.  A no-hitter.  Holy cow.  That is the first no-hitter for the Cubs since 1972.  Amazing.  You can read all about the game here.

I am so happy for him I can hardly stand it.  My friend A called last night while we were watching the Italian Grand Prix to tell me that Big Z had a no-no going into the 7th inning. I, of course, pointed out to her that you are not supposed to say “no-hitter” out loud when one is in progress.  That is very bad luck.  WGN was apparently only showing the game locally because our WGN feed was reruns of The Honeymooners.  Yippee.    So, A told me she would let me know what happened.

A little later she called to say ESPN was going to go live to Milwaukee for the bottom of the ninth because the no-hitter was still intact.  We paused the racecars and tuned it.

I was sitting there rocking back and forth with my hands over my eyes saying “come on Z, come on Z” over and over again.  And then he did it!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was all teary-eyed.  And I don’t even like the guy.

AND Geovany Soto, the rookie catcher was behind the plate.  I don’t know how many rookie catchers have ever caught a no-hitter.  I am sure that stat must be out there, but I can’t find it.

The truly horrible thing is, I could have been at that game.  I was in Wisconsin this weekend.  I was in Lake Geneva with a friend.  That is only about an hour from Milwaukee.  At brunch we discussed it, and agreed that if it had been a day game we would have tried to get tickets.  But since the game didn’t start until 7pm, I didn’t think I could make it.  I would have had to drive all night to get home, and that didn’t sound too appealing.

Of course, now I am kicking myself up and down for not going.  It would have been worth it.  



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