Driving alone and grocery stores

I am having a spa weekend.  My friend and I both recently turned f-f-f—forty so we are pampering ourselves at a spa in Wisconsin.

So I dropped the kids off this morning and hit the road.  I love driving in the car by myself.  I can listen to what I want to listen to on the Ipod.  I can stop where I want to stop and I don’t have to worry about whether or not the children are happy because they aren’t in the car!  Yippee!  I can also let my mind wander, within reason, I mean; I am still driving after all.

I was driving on a new route today.  US Hwy 20, which is north of our hometown and runs right to Rockford, where you turn left for Wisconsin.  It made a nice change from Interstate 80.  And now I will tell you about my two favorite parts.

First, I stopped in Galena for lunch.  I went to McDonalds because I like McDonalds okay?  And I didn’t even have to stop and think about what kind of toys they were giving away in the Happy Meals.  Hah!  Anyway, while I was dining, I noticed that there was a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in the same strip mall.

Now, this may sound weird, but I have always found the names of grocery stores very intriguing.  They are usually so bizzarro-land.  For example, the name of one of our local groceries:  Hy-Vee.  I know I have lived where I live for too long because that doesn’t sound strange to me anymore. When we first moved there it was hilarious.

But I digress.  Piggly Wiggly has been my favorite grocery store name for a long time.  If we had one in our town I would shop there.  But we don’t.  So when I saw this one I got very excited.  I thought to myself “oh, I have GOT to get me some Piggly Wiggly reusable grocery bags.”  So I made a quick side trip to see if they had any.  AND THEY DID!  I bought two of them.  I’m so pleased.  They are the best souvenirs ever.

Then, I got to drive through western Illinois.  The road through Galena is very twisty and turny and racecar-like.  I was having a fabulous time.  It started raining and I could see the dry line on the road.  I was driving on the drying line.  Just like Fernando Alonso!  Just like Fernando Alonso at 50 miles an hour.  Hmm…ok, maybe not at all like Fernando, but it was fun anyway.


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