Taco Pie

I made myself a taco pie tonight.  I don’t get to do this very often.  Tom doesn’t like it, so this is something I make for myself when he is traveling.  Tonight and tomorrow he is in Houston.  I made the taco pie for dinner, and to distract myself from the thought of my darling husband stuck in Houston riding out Hurricane Ike.

So, what exactly is a taco pie?  It is a pie pan full of delicious goodness.  My sister, my brother and I all love it.  We always make it during our annual vacation to the swimmy house.  My brother in law doesn’t like it either, so it’s a big treat for us.

My nephew Little J loves it too.  S will sometimes make one for the two of them to have for lunch.  Today when I was talking to S I heard Little J ask for it.  My sister, the lying dog told him she couldn’t make one because they were all out of the stuff you need to make it at the grocery store.  Then I heard Little J say: “well, let’s go to another store then”.  This kid loves his taco pie.

Making it always involves calling my sister or my mother at least once, because I can never remember the recipe.  Now I will write it down here so I will have it forevermore:

Taco Pie

1 lb ground beef

1 can refried beans

1 packet taco season mix (like McCormick’s)

1 two cup bag of shredded cheddar cheese

1 small jar of Ortega taco sauce


  • Brown the ground beef
  • Mix the refried beans and the taco seasoning mix.  Add in about half a package of shredded cheddar (or cheddar jack) cheese.
  • Spread the bean/cheese/taco seasoning mixture in the bottom of a deep dish pie pan
  • Top with ground beef
  • Put the rest of the cheese on top of the beef
  • Cover with the taco sauce
  • Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes

Serve with tortilla chips

It also makes a nice appetizer dip for parties.

I will admit it’s a lot of food for one person, since the children won’t eat it.  I had it for dinner tonight.  I will have it for lunch and dinner tomorrow.  I will probably have some for a snack later tonight if I get hungry.  And I am sure I will with almost a whole taco pie calling my name from the fridge.


2 thoughts on “Taco Pie

  1. Tom called to say he got an earlier flight and would be home in time for dinner. I told him he was on his own because I have a taco pie to eat. Mmmmm…

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