Odds and Ends

I am very highly caffeinated these days.  I have started making coffee in our Italian Bialetti again, just like I was doing in Rome.  Only instead of having one cup of coffee, I am filling my extra-large Starbucks go-cup with a delicious combination of coffee, hot water, milk and sugar.  Mmmmm. 

I was a little worried I was over-doing it, but on TV at the gym today I heard the talking heads on some news magazine or other talking about the health benefits of caffeine.  So I don’t have a “problem”, I am looking after my health.


I cannot find the C-Man’s swimming suit anywhere.  This is not a good time of year to lose a swimsuit.  Where on earth am I going to find him a new one?


The Cubs are on WGN tonight.  They are playing the Cardinals.  Oh please may we win a game again sometime soon.  I am Tivo-ing both WGN and the Cardinals sports channel, just in case one of them is blacked out. 


The new Bat-man came over on Sunday.  I am feeling much better about things now.  But I wonder how much longer I will have to do deep breathing exercises before I can open any of the cabinets in the bathroom.


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