Cubs woes and more harping on instant replay

The Cubs have lost five games in a row.  That is not good.  That is not what you want to see going into the stretch with October looming tantalizingly on the horizon.  What has happened to my boys?


Everybody seems to have decided to have a slump at the same time.  Again, this is not a good strategy.  And Carlos Zambrano will miss his next start.  He has rotator cuff tendonitis.  That does not sound promising.  Marshall will start for him on Sunday, and Big Z should be back by mid-September.  We hope.

Now I am no fan of Zambrano, but I am also not stupid enough to think we would be where we are now without him.  So I wish him a speedy recovery.  Hurry up and get well Carlos, we need you.

Of course on the plus side, Milwaukee have dropped a few as well.  That was nice of them.  The Cubs still have a four and a half game lead. 

The Cubs are off today.  Maybe that’s what they need to snap them out of this funk.  They start a 9-game road trip tomorrow in Cincinatti.  We don’t play so well on the road. 

Meanwhile, the Brewers play tonight against the Padres.  Go Padres.

Oh, and I was watching the Tampa Bay/Yankees game last night on ESPN when they used instant replay for the first time.  And, in my honest opinion, they still blew the call.  The ump originally called A-Rod’s hit a home run, even though I’m pretty sure it was foul.  And after stopping the game and looking at the instant replay he upheld the call.  

So you see, we don’t need instant replay. The ump could have made that mistake easily enough without it.  (And he did).


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