Odds and Ends

Tom opened all the cabinets in the bathroom this morning and declared us bat-free before he left for work.  We can call Dave the Bat Guy tomorrow and then I can start sleeping with the lights off again.


My foot hurts today.  Probably a by-product of catapulting myself into the bathtub yesterday.  That’s probably how that 4-inch streak of blue nail polish got on the tub too.  Do you want to know when I last did my nails?  August 21.


The C-man wanted to see the dead bat yesterday.  Tom said he looked into the garbage bag and said “cooool”.  That’s my boy.


The Princess has decided to stay with the violin and skip the trombone.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.


The Milwaukee Brewers are playing the New York Mets today.  Go Mets.


It’s September 1, time to start thinking about Christmas.  Yippee.


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