Instant replay in baseball

So they’ve gone and done it.  Major League Baseball will begin using instant replay on August 28.  A date that will live in infamy.

Here’s the link.

Initially it will only be used to check home runs/foul balls/fan interference (anybody remember the Bartman?).  But you know this is the beginning of a slippery slope. Next thing you know we will have instant replay for close plays at the plate, or stolen bases.  Then we will have that Cyclops thing they use in tennis to determine balls and strikes. 

Bad calls are a part of baseball.  They always have been.  It’s a long season, and you just have to trust that over the course of the summer these things even out.  And yes, I am fully aware of the argument that while that might be true over 162 games, over five or seven games, maybe not so much.  But again, I think you have to trust the process.

The last thing in the world Baseball needs is a bunch of umpires out there second-guessing themselves.  How is that good for the game?  



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