Even more proof that I am pathetic

I believe I mentioned earlier that I am an emotional dishrag when it comes to the Olympics.  And the Go World ads get me every single time.  Every single freaking time.  The children know this.

So yesterday afternoon I am downstairs helping them retrieve some Disney Channel program from the TiVo when they notice the Visa Olympic Moments menu down at the bottom of the screen. 

“Oh mommy” they say, so innocently, “can we watch one of those”?

Sigh.  Okay, fine.  There are three to choose from, Kerri Strug, Michael Phelps and Derek Redmond.  They, of course chose Derek Redmond.  That one is a killer.

I sat and watched it with them because I am a sucker.  And sure enough, by the end of it there I was blubbering away.  Go ahead, see if you can watch it without a tissue in hand.


Anyway, when it was over both of the children immediately turned in their chairs to look at me.  And both had these huge goofy grins on their face like: “did we do it?  Did we make her cry?”  Then the C-Man got all serious and said “I’m sorry mommy”.  Like that makes up for it.  Yeesh.

And then, just when you think you might have to strangle them you go upstairs to put away some laundry and discover The Princess is in the C-man’s room, reading to him.  





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